Ishida Uni-5 Bench Scale, Rice Lake
Product ID :   Ishida Uni-5 Bench Scale, Rice Lake
Ishida Uni-5 Bench Scale   List Price  (Standard)        
Retail Scale, Uni-5 Bench 15x0.005lb/30x0.01lb RF kit, Non Browser Type 115VAC Ishida
The Uni-5 Series packs many features into an attractive low profile, small footprint case. The 7 inch color touch panel is easy to master. The operator display consists of windows for tare, weight, unit price and total price. 
The membrane keyboard contains standard function keys and can be customized to include PLU, tare, and category presets plus a large number of specialized functions. Icons identify connectivity status, printing mode, and USB port. The programmable color touchscreen can be configured with three key sizes and up-to twenty presets per page. 
Operators can view virtual receipts, open tickets, and totals before printing. The bright grayscale customer display can scroll and flash advertising messages and images. The fast and easy side-loading direct thermal printer has a variable speed and backing re-winder to quickly switch between labels and receipts. 
The Ishida Uni-5 Series includes Ethernet (100Mps) for connection to PC and other scales.
Standard Features 
• Large color touchscreen 
• Dual-range weighing (0-15 lb x 0.005 lb/15-30 lb x 0.01 lb) 
• Internal wireless communications 
• Ethernet communications 
• Up to 99 pages of speed keys 
• Adjustable touchscreen viewing angle  
• 77 tactile keys 
• 4 MB of memory 
• Grayscale LCD customer-side display 
• Self-serve mode/operation 
• 30+ selectable fixed bar code formats 
• Compatible with third-party communication software, including Invatron’s PLUM and ADC’s InterScale

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