Equipment Service

The Workers is located in Neenah, WI. We sell food equipment, restaurant equipment and we also sell supplies to meat processors and restaurants.

We provide service not only on the equipment we sell, but on many other brands and types of equipment.

If you are in need of service/Repair on food equipment ;

  • Meat slicers
  • Grinders (Biro Grinder, Hobart Grinder, Hollymatic Grinder, Butcher Boy Grinder)
  • Mixer/grinder (Holymatic, Hobart)
  • Mixer (Leland mixer, Daniel mixer)
  • Band saw ( Hollymatic Saw, Butcher Boy Saw, Hobart Saw, Biro Saw)
  • Vacuum machine ( Sipromac vacuum machine and others brands)
  • Stuffer (Risco Stuffer, Talsa stuffer, Hollmatic stuffer)
  • Injector (Pokomat injector, Hand Brine pump injector )
  • Tumbler ( Lance tumbler, Hollymatic tumbler)
  • Smokehouse
  • And other types of food or packaging equipment please contact The Workers, Neenah, WI at 920-886-1008.